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    Smt Shubhrasleta Banerjee  
    Part Time, Part Time Lecturer
From 24-08-2010
  Email ID : Bristy_education@gmail.com  
  Qualification : M.A. B.Ed.  
  Last Exam : M.A.  
  Computer Proficiency : Yes  
  Achivements : paper publish in international research journal of management,sociology and humanities  
  Professional Qualification : M.A.  

    Dr Shreyasee Datta  
    Full Time, Assistant Professor
From 09-03-2015
  Email ID : shreyasee85@gmail.com  
  Qualification : M.A. Ph.D.UGCNET  
  Last Exam : M.A  
  Computer Proficiency : Yes  
  Achivements : papers in UGC approved journals.Academic fellow at Forum on Contemporary theory,Baroda .  
  Professional Qualification : M.A. NET  

    Dr Madhusudhan chowdhury  
    Full Time, Associate Professor  
  Mobile Number : 9474141479  
  Email ID : madhusudhanchowdhury1@gmail.com  
  Qualification : M.A. M.Phil Ph.D  
  Last Exam : M.A.  
  Computer Proficiency : Yes  
  Achivements : Ph.D.,books published(2013),paper published in readers service,kolkata in 2013,2015,2016  
  Professional Qualification : M.A. M.Phil Ph.D