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Department Details

  Date of Establishment 12 August 1970  
  Honours Affiliation test  
  Affiliated To Gour Banga University  
  Courses Offered Compulsory English, Elective English and English Honours  
  Publication Course specified annotated bibliography  
  Facilities Separate Enclosure for the Department Computer in the Department Annotated Bibliography for the Students Microphone arrangement in the class CDs on important Dramas & Novels  
  Co-curriculum Activities test  
  Unique Features test  


    Dr Krishna Ghosh  
    Full Time, Assistant Professor  
  Qualification : M.A.Ph.D.  
  Computer Proficiency : Yes  

    Smt Babita Kundu  
    Part Time, Part Time Lecturer
From 24-08-2010
  Email ID :  
  Qualification : M.A.  
  Other Qualification : .  
  Last Exam : M.A.  
  Computer Proficiency : Yes  
  Achivements : .  
  Professional Qualification : M.A.  

    Dr Asim Dutta  
    Full Time, assistant professor  
  Mobile Number : 9933419594  
  Email ID :  
  Qualification : M.A. Ph.D.  
  Last Exam : M.A.  
  Computer Proficiency : Yes  
  Achivements : paper published in UGC referred journals,junior research fellowship  
  Professional Qualification : M.A. Ph.D.